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Are your ski boots pinching at the ankle?
Are your toes too tight?
Do you get cold feet when skiing?
Has skiing lost its fun for you?

Then call in and see us; we are sure that we can help you and make your holiday the best time of the year. We will be pleased to advise you when buying boots or when problems arise.

You can make an appointment directly in the shop!

  The first insoles that take the strain off your feet, improve your skiing performance and can be perfectly adjusted to your feet thanks to the award-winning Flashfit technology. Recommended by Olympic competitors in cross-country and downhill skiing as well as snowboard champions. The Snow + Race are hand-made in France; they incorporate the Flash Fit technology and can be individually adjusted to your feet on the Flashstation.

  Once your foot has been fitted with a custom insole, you will notice how much better you stand and that your weight is distributed over the entire foot. Nevertheless, should there be any pressure points, these will be accurately marked and expertly stretched by our boot fitters. There’s nothing left to spoil your skiing fun.


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